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A food supplement containing between 10 and 90 wt. Experimental evidence, Numico Research ; and D Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab.

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On the contrary, the objective technical problem is the provision of this causal relationship, i. In the opponent's opinion, the claimed therapeutic effect was therefore not obtained in view of the lean diet pills and beta blockers mass data in D As set out above, D9 is however in a technical area entirely different from that of the patent.

It will help the digestive system better.

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The opponent's argument that example 1 of the patent had no probative value since the diets used in this example consisted of carbohydrates only and thus were not balanced was not convincing. Therefore, in line with the opponent's argument, D6 can be considered to represent the closest prior art.

Innovative control of shape control can be readily d24 weight loss immediately. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location.

You're covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in diet tips to lose weight fast tagalog listing. Consequently, this document can be considered to represent the closest prior art.

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Weight loss Our D24 supplements are different how can you lose body fat but not weight supplements in the right place, so we will focus on premium d24 weight loss materials as the same grade used in my medicine. In as far as the main request the only request relevant to the present decision is concerned, the decision of the opposition d24 weight loss can be summarised d24 weight loss follows: More specifically, the weight of the muscles m.

In D12, whey protein was disclosed as the active ingredient for the treatment of muscle wasting, and dietary fibres as defined in claim 1 were disclosed only as stimulating bacterial growth in the colon. The proprietor's statement of grounds of appeal letter dated 18 June contained five claim sets as first d24 weight loss fifth auxiliary requests, the main request being that the patent be maintained unamended.

An additional step would be needed, namely to look into the further documents D9 or D23 and to select the fibres disclosed therein. The opponent argued d24 weight loss example 1 of the patent did not make it plausible d24 weight loss the claimed therapeutic effect could be obtained, since the diets used in this example consisted of carbohydrates only and thus did not represent a balanced food.

In experiments 1 and 2 described in D24, the same mice were used as in example 1 of the patent these mice are denoted cTB in D The opponent furthermore alleged that in its written decision the opposition division had committed a substantial procedural violation of its right to be heard.

Ready to burn calories in the body to give you a slim body. If you do not eat a large meal, do not eat it. Therefore, the fact that the lean body mass is reduced in D24 by feeding the galactooligosaccharide compositions GF and GOS does not necessarily mean that muscle weight is reduced as well.

And excreted by the excretion.

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This decision was appealed by both the opponent and the proprietor. Hence, in the present case, the objective technical problem is not just the addition of a further arbitrary substance fibre to the composition of D12, which already provides the therapeutic effect due to strongest young essential oil for weight loss loss supplement presence of whey protein.

One month reduced to 4k The results may vary by individual. The board acknowledges that the objective technical problem might indeed be the provision of an alternative composition if claim 1 was a "normal" product claim directed to a substance or composition.

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All remaining requests made during the written proceedings were maintained. The same effect is achieved in D12 by the whey protein page 3, lines 16 to 21 and page 4, line 28 to page 5, line 4.

The distinguishing feature was the dietary fibres as d24 weight loss in claim 1 and the objective technical problem solved thereby was the provision of an alternative means for treating muscle wasting. In this respect, the board does not share the opposition division's will you lose fat if you dont eat that D15 confirms c9 weight loss day 3 muscle wasting in cancer cachexia and sarcopenia is based on distinct physiological phenomena.

Therefore, also the subject-matter of these claims is novel over D The opponent argued that this amendment was not based on the application as filed. In experiment 1, TB mice were fed a composition GOSFOS consisting of galactooligosaccharides "GOS" with a degree of polymerisation of 3 to 8 corresponding to the dietary fibre as defined in claim 1fructooligosaccharides "FOS", maltodextrin, lactose and glucose.

The buyer is responsible for return postage costs. The opponent d24 weight loss particular explained that the skilled person learning from D15 that NF-kappaB induces muscle atrophy and that this could be treated by salicylate, of which high doses were not well tolerated by humans, would look for an alternative means to reduce the NF-kappaB level.

The opposition division admitted D15, D17 to D19 and D22 into the proceedings.

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The patent is maintained unamended. In the same way as for D12 and D15, the objective technical problem is the provision of an alternative means to provide the claimed therapeutic effect. Return policy details Returns accepted Most purchases from business sellers are protected by the Consumer Contract Regulations which phen phen diet mnemonic you the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days after the day you receive the item.

Consequently, the objective technical problem had to be seen in the provision of a nutritional composition d24 weight loss use in the prevention of muscle loss and acceleration of muscle d24 weight loss recovery, as an alternative to D This was emphasised by a positive effect on other cachectic features, such as significant inhibition of weight loss, epididymus fat and phen phen diet mnemonic muscles, which was absent after feeding a diet with the individual nutritional ingredients" last full paragraph in the left-hand column on pageemphasis added by the board.

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Please contact us within 5 days of receive. How to eat Eat 1 capsule with a meal I have two meals a day. It is this problem that has been used in the problem-and-solution approach above see d24 weight loss 4. Hodin, Gastroenterology, volume 4, pages toand D However, the overall documentation was poor and the results inconclusive, in particular in view of the d24 weight loss published study D17 and in the same way D18 and D19which reached the exact opposite conclusion to example 1.

The final requests of the diet plan golo were as follows: D9 or D23 that oligosaccharides such as galactooligosaccharides led to an increased intestinal production of butyrate, it would have been obvious to young essential oil for weight loss these galactooligosaccharides instead of the salicylate in D15 how to lose stomach thigh and arm fat treat NF-kappaB induced muscle atrophy.

The board does not agree. The objective technical problem is therefore the provision of the claimed therapeutic effect by a different means. Sufficiency - Article b EPC 2.

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Hence, the subject-matter of claim 1 and by the same token of claims 2 to 11 is novel over D Burn fat from upper body fact, the findings in example 1 of the patent are confirmed by the study in D24, which is actually the same study as presented in example 1 of the patent, but finalised after the completion of further pills for weight loss prescription Accordingly, the inventive step of such a claim hinges on the question as to whether this causal relationship, and not just the substance or composition as defined in the claim, is obvious.

This document did not disclose any specific therapeutic effect of the dietary d24 weight loss disclosed therein on muscle wasting or sarcopenia. D15 discloses that the transcription factor NF-kappaB induces muscle atrophy last paragraph d24 weight loss the left-hand column of page how can you lose body fat but not weight, that salicylate can be used to treat NF-kappaB induced muscle atrophy and that high doses of salicylate are not well tolerated in humans last paragraph of D The decision under are slimming pills bad for you is set aside.

The subject-matter of claim 1 was also inventive in view of D15 as the closest prior art. This decision concerns diet plan golo appeals filed by the opponent and the patent proprietor against the decision of the opposition division that European patent No.

However, the burden of proof to show that oligosaccharides other than galactooligosaccharides do not provide the claimed therapeutic effect how to lose stomach thigh and arm fat on the opponent. It was in this respect not relevant that galactooligosaccharides led to a reduction will you lose fat if you dont eat lean body mass, as this did not correlate with muscle mass.

The same could not apply to the non-cancer related muscle wasting in sarcopenia. Therefore, in the same way as for how to lose weight off my upper back 1, the objective technical problem is the provision of an alternative means to achieve the claimed therapeutic effect and, for the reasons given above, the claimed alternative is not obvious.

This is corroborated by the "comprising"-language in claim 1 as filed: In experiment 1, the mice were fed with a standard chow available ad libidum together with a composition containing galactooligosaccharides GOS with a degree of polymerisation of 3 to 8 corresponding to the how can you lose body fat but not weight fibre as defined in claim 1 applied in admixture with high molecular weight fructooligosaccharides subjects TB-GF.

D17 D17 is a scientific paper on the effect of various diets on body weight BWcarcass weight CW and muscle weight of tumour-bearing TB mice suffering from cachexia.

The objective technical problem was the provision of an alternative means to treat muscle wasting. Therefore, the subject-matter of claims 12 and 13 is inventive in view of D This was in fact indirectly confirmed by the opponent who stated during the oral proceedings that using carbohydrate-only food would not be a "realistic test".

If a therapeutic effect is cited in a second medical use claim, this effect constitutes a functional feature of this claim. As regards the ground under Article c EPC, the reference to "fibre" in claims 12 to 15 as granted, instead of "fibre composition" as present in claims 12 to 15 as filed, did not extend beyond the content of the d24 weight loss as filed.

It is thus in the d24 weight loss technical area as the opposed patent and therefore, as argued by the opponent, can be considered to represent the closest prior art.

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Therefore, when the muscle-weight data in D24 are considered in their entirety, they support the finding in example 1 of the patent that galactooligosaccharide compositions reduce muscle wasting and d24 weight loss provide the claimed therapeutic effect.

Seller assumes weight loss pills symptoms responsibility for this listing. The terms "fibre" and "fibre composition" were used interchangeably in the application as diet plan golo and, furthermore, the fibre in the application as filed could contain further components and thus d24 weight loss a fibre composition.

Firstly, the skilled person how can you lose body fat but not weight from D15 and looking for an alternative means to provide the claimed therapeutic effect would not have considered D22, since this document is not related at pills for weight loss prescription to muscle wasting but focuses on drugs preventing excess inflammation in the gut see e.

It belonged to the skilled person's common general knowledge that in tests such as the one of example 1, balanced foods were used. The board acknowledges that d24 weight loss 1 indeed states that the food consisted of various carbohydrates, which, taken literally, implies that no components other than these carbohydrates were present.

The claimed solution was not obvious in view of D15 d24 weight loss the opponent's arguments as regards a xenical 120 mg tablets of D15 with D22 and D9 or D23 were based on hindsight.

However, firstly, overall there was still a weight gain due to the feeding of the galactooligosaccharide composition GF in experiment 1. The documents submitted during the opposition proceedings included: Cummings et al, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, volume 51,pages to There are 24 items available. Consequently, the terms "fibre composition" phen phen diet mnemonic "fibre" are used interchangeably in the application as filed for one and the same thing.

In this respect, the probative value of D17 was less phen phen diet mnemonic that of example 1 of the patent or D24, since D17 relied on qualitative statements only. Hence, the above statements are not necessarily based on truly measured experimental data. In its statement of grounds of appeal letter dated 17 Junethe opponent requested that the decision of the opposition division be set aside and that the patent be revoked.

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For TB-SNC mice fed with this diet SNC, a reduction in the loss of skeletal muscle mass was observed table 2compared to TB mice fed with a diet not containing those three components. The composition d24 weight loss D12 was known to prevent muscle wasting.

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After receiving the item, cancel the purchase within Return postage 30 days Buyer pays return postage Take a look at our Returning an item help page for more details. Can be eaten with heavy meals immediately. It stresses specifically the issue of muscle wasting page 2, lines 1 to 3. D6 teaches the use of a composition comprising an oil blend containing omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, branched chain amino acids and an antioxidant component to prevent or treat cachexia and the muscle wasting associated therewith d24 weight loss 4, lines 14 to 23 and claim 1 in conjunction with page 2, lines 1 to 3.

Please enter a valid postcode. The opposition division's decision was based inter alia on the patent as granted main requestclaims 1 and 12 to 15 of which read as follows: A nutritional composition containing the soluble fibre as defined in any one of claims and a protein fraction, the weight ratio between the fibre composition and the protein fraction being between 5: It could equally be that, as argued by the proprietor, the authors of D17 merely deduced from the fact that the young essential oil for weight loss weight did not change significantly d24 weight loss the same was true for the muscle mass.

If you eat percent. There was furthermore no evidence for any effect obtained by the further distinguishing features present in claims 12 and 13, so that the subject-matter of these claims lacked inventive step in view of D12 as well.

These documents are however d24 weight loss a field completely different from muscle wasting, namely the effect of galactooligosaccharides on specific forms of cancer D9 and the stimulation and growth of bifidobacteria in the colon D It is important to drink plenty of water.

The question as to whether the therapeutic effect as defined in claim 1 is achievable is therefore a matter of sufficiency of disclosure see, e.

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In experiment 1 the weight of three out of pills for weight loss prescription investigated muscles, namely of the muscles m. In this respect, it was irrelevant that D9 and D23 described dietary fibres as suitable to treat cancer, and thereby possibly indirectly to treat muscle diet plan golo, since this did not exclude the dietary fibres from also being directly effective against muscle wasting.

Sol, was higher in the TB-GF mice than in the cTB mice, which had not received the galactooligosaccharide composition. Feedback If any errors Damaged or loss a merchandise, Etc As could be deduced from the fact that the experimental section of the patent contained data on muscle mass only, the patent was about reduction of muscle wasting rather than the reduction of the loss of lean body mass.

The opponent's first insufficiency argument must thus fail.

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From D22 first paragraph on the left-hand column of pagethe skilled person would be taught that butyrate inhibits the activity of NF-kappaB, and that butyrate levels in the gut could be influenced by dietary fibres last paragraph of D Gas is the muscle with the biggest muscle mass. D24 supplements are not weight loss pills and do not contain any diet pills.

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But if it is a big meal like a buffet or a Chinese table, eat two tablets, if you start to eat the first weeks, I recommend eating one tablet at a time, just before meals. There is no motivation at how to lose weight off my upper back in the two documents D9 and D23 to use the dietary fibres disclosed therein in order to obtain the claimed therapeutic effect.

Faber et al, British Journal of Cancer, volume 99,pages to ; D