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The best food is Burgess dwarf hamster harvest but you would have to buy that from How to help my hamster lose weight, it isn't cheap as it comes from the UK weight loss fsa eligible it is a good food. Aspergillis fungus can be prevented by cleaning the hamster cage once a week and removing fresh food every two days.

Ringworm is the most common fungal infection, and gives a hamster round bald patches of dry and crusty skin which the hamster may scratch. A mild case of mites should clear within two days. You will also notice a fungus growing in the area where your hamster urinates. To help your hamster recover you should move its cage into a cooler area where your pet can slowly cool down.

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You should keep a hamster warm if it has diarrhea, and make sure it has plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Also, if your hamster is showing signs of shock, this should be treated straight away. Do I have a fat hamster? You should treat mange in the same way as mites, except that you should take your hamster to the vet immediately.

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If in any doubt you should see veterinary advice as soon as possible as many external tumors can be successfully surgically removed if diagnosed and treated quickly. Abscesses can be prevented by cleaning any bites, scratches or other wounds with peroxide, and contacting your veterinarian as soon as an how to help my hamster lose weight leads to infection.

They can be easily prevented by cleaning the hamster cage thoroughly once a week and replacing leaking water bottles. Hamster losing weight The protein is too low so she definitely needs more, the mealworms will provide some, plain how to help my hamster lose weight chicken or freeze dried chicken is a good source of protein how to help my hamster lose weight, just a tiny amount two or three times a week would be fine.

In particular, you should avoid giving too many foods with a high fat content as fat reduces the acidity of the urine. Colds Like humans, hamsters can suffer from colds which give them a runny nose and sneezing.

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An exercise wheel or exercise ball will allow you to do this. Aspergillis fungus is a less common but more serious fungal infection. By cdrussorusso If a wound is not treated quickly then it may heal over before the infection has cleared, causing pus to form under the skin and create a lump known as an abscess.

You should also clean the cage, spray it thoroughly with the ant-mite spray and replace the bedding.

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  2. Shock Occasionally a hamster may suffer from shock, such as after injuring itself, although the cause will not always be known.
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It how to help my hamster lose weight normally easy to treat, however it can also be a symptom of the far more serious condition wet tail. Recovery normally how to help my hamster lose weight a few days following treatment, although more serious infections may not be curable. Your hamster should appear healthy in all other respects though, whereas wet tail has more wide-ranging symptoms.

The weight that a vet would consider healthy for a hamster will depend on its age and what type of hamster it is. These are more common for older hamsters and females. However, sometimes teeth will become overgrown, unmatched or crooked, which can cause problems with eating or teeth growing into the roof of the mouth or into the cheek pouch.

If your hamster is constipated then make sure it always has water available in its bottle and give it some fresh food with high moisture content such as seedless grapes, cucumber or apple. In the event of an abscess developing you should take your hamster to a veterinarian for the pus weight loss fsa eligible be drained and possible further treatment.

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Therefore it is best to try to prevent such accidents happening in the first place. For example, replace bedding material with tissue paper, feed your hamster a plain diet for a few days, move the cage to a different room, or temporarily how to help my hamster lose weight the cage with just water. You can do this by yourself but you should ask someone else to hold your hamster and be careful not to cut too close to the paws.

Her stress may continue for a few days as she adapts to her new home, but as she eases in and becomes more comfortable, her appetite should improve. Try feeding carrot, broccoli, cabbage and apple. If treated early, a cold should clear in a few days. The age that weight loss occurs will depend on the life span of your hamster. It is also advisable to feed your hamster calcium supplements, or simply some milk-soaked how to help my hamster lose weight or high calcium dog biscuits.

Recovery should be how to help my hamster lose weight within a few days following treatment. The main symptom of teeth problems is a loss of appetite.

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It can be difficult to distinguish an abscess from a tumor if the original wound was not spotted, although if a wound is visible on the lump then it is most likely an abscess. You can help prevent colds occurring by keeping your hamster away from drafts if using a wire cage.

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Also, like humans, a hamster will lose weight in its old age. A Damsel in Distress A suddenly thin hamster isn't a good sign, especially if she's been at a good weight during the time she's been in your care.