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A good starting point. This site contains a wealth of material:

  • Searchable Dreiser correspondence files, maintained by the Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Image (SCETI) at the University of Pennsylvania. By clicking on links, one can view facsimiles of letters to, from, and about Dreiser.

  • An extensive collection of photographs and a film clip from the libraryís Dreiser collection.

  • An online version of Theodore Dreiser: A Primary Bibliography and Reference Guide, ed. Donald Pizer, Richard W. Dowell, and Frederic E. Rusch (Boston: G.K. Hall, 1991).

  • A Register for the Theodore Dreiser Papers. Provides a detailed inventory of the contents of the University of Pennsylvaniaís Dreiser collection.

  • Essays on Dreiserís reputation by Donald Pizer and his life by Thomas P. Riggio.


International Theodore Dreiser Society

This site contains bibliographic updates on Dreiser published in Dreiser Studies from 1992 to 2005. (Note - Dreiser Studies ceased publication with the winter 2005 issue and has been subsumed by a successor publication, Studies in American Naturalism.) It also includes the complete text of "Review-Essay: Dreiser on the Web" by Roger W. Smith (Dreiser Studies, 2003), which can be accessed directly at:

This article gives an exhaustive list of web links. Most are current.


Introductory (Dreiserís Life and Works)

For a quick introduction to Dreiser with links to Dreiser sources, see:
PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide / Chapter 6: Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)

"Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)"

"Selected Short Bibliography on American Literary Naturalism."

Liukkonen, Petri. "Theodore Dreiser 1871-1945."

Smydra, David. "Theodore Dreiser: Selected Criticism."



Theodore, Dreiser - Wikipedia

"Dreiser, Theodore (1871-1945)." The Literary Encyclopedia

"Sister Carrie (1900)." The Literary Encyclopedia

"An American Tragedy (1925)." The Literary Encyclopedia

"Naturalism, 1893-1914." The Literary Encyclopedia

"Dreiser, Theodore." The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2001

"Dreiser, Theodore Herman Albert." Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia, 2003.

Smith, Kyle. "Theodore Dreiser." St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture, 2002. Gale Group.


Online e-texts of Dreiser works:

Sister Carrie - "restored" text of the 1981 Pennsylvania Edition:

Sister Carrie, First Edition (Doubleday Page, 1901)

Sister Carrie. Project Gutenberg

Sister Carrie. University of Virginia Hypertext Project

Jennie Gerhardt
Project Gutenberg Australia.
Access for downloading purposes is restricted. See website for details.

The Titan. Project Gutenberg:

The Financier. Project Gutenberg:

An American Tragedy
Project Gutenberg Australia.
Access for downloading purposes is restricted. See website for details.

Twelve Men - Project Gutenberg

Some shorter works by Dreiser (e.g., stories are also available online). See "Review-Essay: Dreiser on the Web" by Roger W. Smith:


The Theodore Dreiser Blog

Created by Tom Ewing.


Murder in the Adirondacks

Also of interest may be Craig Brandonís website, by far the best available about the Chester Gillette case, which provided the factual basis for Dreiserís novel An American Tragedy and the film based on the novel, A Place in the Sun:
Murder in the Adirondacks


Further information:

Additional resources for in-depth Dreiser scholarship (e.g., library repositories) are listed in "Review-Essay: Dreiser on the Web" by Roger W. Smith:

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